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September 20, 2008BirdsNo comments

Who doesn’t love when birdies come knock-knock-knocking on your window, singing their sweet songs to wake you up? We like them, all of them. And incidentally we like to ramble. SO? What do two warbler-loving-ramblers do? Start a blog! YAY! HIP HIP HOORAY FOR BLOGS! We draw a little, paint a little, write a little, talk a lot and think even more. And so, we decide to share this with you.

If any of the statements below are true for you or if you can think of another.(we are easily persuaded at times) then we want to hear from you.

  1. I have a favorite bird.
  2. I like birds.
  3. I like rambling.
  4. I like to draw or sketch or paint.
  5. I like to take photographs.
  6. I live near birds (ok, this category includes everyone).
  7. I have ears, eyes or a mind.
  8. I simply have wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much time on my hands.

Do any of these statements describe you? If so, then you are right where you need to be.

We will post your pictures, sketches, paintings, favorite birds. We will also research and recommended birds. We will blog our discoveries, tidbits of information, pictures or random thoughts. And we will respond to your bird-a-riffic (not-to-be-confused with your chicken Parmesan recipe) rambling with the same deep-thought we give most any topic of any discussion sent our way.

Are you a hard-core birder? A bird-friendly person? A friend of a bird lover? A friend of a lovebird? A bored person who will pretend to like birds for company? Then you will like this site. You may like it anyways but…no guarantees.

Time spent visiting our site is non-refundable but worth its weight in bird food.


Magpie and Rook

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