Mallard (A bird a day)

The Mallard is the most common duck seen in the United States. The males are more colorful than the females and this is so the female can choose from the males when it comes to mating. She should have a variety afterall. =) The Mallard (and the Muscovy Duck)1 are believed to be the ancestors of all domestic ducks. They are hardy birds able to adapt to almost anything and they eat a little bit of everything, so it seems. This adaptability to both environment and diet helps them survive and thrive, even when people are involved.

I found their courting/mating ritual quite entertaining, it is not unlike that of the humans…

“During courtship, three or more males may display simultaneously, shaking heads and tails, performing intricate bill dipping and bobbing movements, and whistling. Mating is preceded by the pair facing each other and repeatedly jerking their heads downward, a display called pumping. The drake also has an elaborate display to announce a successful mating. Immediately after copulation, he flings his head up and back and whistles. Then he swims around the female in a gesture called nod-swimming while she bathes. After mating, drakes lose their flight feathers, becoming flightless for several weeks.” Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

Did you know a group of Mallards goes by many names?

A badelyng of Mallards
A badelynge of Mallards
A badling of Mallards
A battling of Mallards
A bed of Mallards
A brace of Mallards
A brood of Mallards
A bunch of Mallards
A coil of Mallards
A company of Mallards
A daggle of Mallards
A doppling of Mallards
A flock of Mallards
A fleet of Mallards
A flight of Mallards
A flush of Mallards
A knob of Mallards
A leash of Mallards
A little knob of Mallards
A lute of Mallards
A paddle of Mallards
A paddling of Mallards
A plump of Mallards
A pryde of Mallards
A puddling of Mallards
A raft of Mallards
A safe of Mallards
A skein of Mallards
A smeath of Mallards
A sord of Mallards
A sorde of Mallards
A sore of Mallards
A sort of Mallards
A suce of Mallards
A suite of Mallards
A sword of Mallards
A team of Mallards
A trip of Mallards
A waddling of Mallards

Or for ducks…

A clutch of Ducks Ducklings
A badelynge of Ducks
A badling of Ducks
A battling of Ducks
A bed of Ducks
A brace of Ducks
A brood of Ducks
A bunch of Ducks
A coil of Ducks
A company of Ducks
A daggle of Ducks
A diving of Ducks
A dopping of Ducks
A flock of Ducks
A flight of Ducks
A flush of Ducks
A game of Ducks
A gathering of Ducks
A knob of Ducks
A leash (three) of Ducks
A little knob of Ducks
A lute of Ducks
A paddle of Ducks
A paddling of Ducks
A pair of Ducks
A plump of Ducks
A pryde of Ducks
A puddle of Ducks
A puddling of Ducks
A raft of Ducks
A safe of Ducks
A skein of Ducks
A smeath of Ducks
A sord of Ducks
A sorde of Ducks
A sore of Ducks
A sort of Ducks
A string of Ducks
A suce of Ducks
A sute of Ducks
A team of Ducks
A trip of Ducks
A “V” formation of Ducks
A wabbling of Ducks
A waddling of Ducks
A wedge of Ducks

A bunch of wild ducks
A fleet of wild ducks
A gang of wild ducks
A pack of wild ducks
A party of wild ducks
A raft of wild ducks
A discomfiture of wild ducks

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