Brewer’s Blackbird (bird a day)

Today, I choose the Brewer’s Blackbird for the bird of the day (or what is seemingly the bird of the week) because my friend saw some in the parking lot of Target and took a picture on her cell phone for me. =)

The picture quality is poor because it is a cell phone and so… here is a photograph I found on the internet:

Brewer's Blackbird Source: Creative Commons on Wikipedia

As with most birds the female is less colorful than the male. The female is dull brown and the male is iridescent black (black with a purplish/bluish tint). The female is smaller than the male. We see them in parking lots frequently, so they must have adapted well to suburban life. They are considered in the least conservationist concern category which is good, right?

I found a poem written by someone about the Brewer’s Blackbird (Source: click here).

Brewer’s Blackbird
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
a little black bird
with coal soot beak,
on the city street.
he serenades. some crusty bread.
gurgles, clacks, and squawks,
and shakes. a wing. into. the wind-
riling a dusty flock.
at this cotillion, dim pigeon
pouts. his city-soiled breast.
and croons an , old-time-y
love-ballad , about his
scrappy, city, nest.
the pigeon’s, pink toe
two step. on gum-stuck cement -compete
with the iridescent head
, shuffling feet ,
and little black bird’s -jamboree.

By Heather O’Connor
©Heather O’Connor 2003

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