Magnificent Frigatebird (bird a day)

The Magnificent Frigatebird was also mentioned in Luke Dempsey’s book, “A Supremely Bad Idea: Three Mad Birder’s and Their Quest To See It All.” So, it is going to be today’s bird of the day. =) This is a very interesting bird. It reminds me of the frogs that can puff up their bottom lip.

I found these interesting facts at Cornell Lab of Ornithology:

# rigatebirds are the only seabirds where the male and female look strikingly different.

# The breeding period of the Magnificent Frigatebird is exceptionally long and young fledglings are often still being fed by the female at one year of age.

# The male Magnificent Frigatebird abandons its mate and half-grown chick and leaves the breeding colony, presumably to molt and return for another breeding attempt with a different mate. The female cares for the young for over a year. This difference in parental care allows the male to breed each year while the female breeds only every other year.

# Although the Magnificent Frigatebird spends most of its life flying over the ocean, it rarely if ever lands on the water.

You can find them here:

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