Crested Caracara (a bird a day)

A Crested Caracara. (Creative Commons license)

A Crested Caracara. (Creative Commons license)

The Crested Caracara is a large, ground-dwelling falcon. To me, it looks similar to many falcons but it is more colorful perhaps. Albeit, I have little experience with falcons.

Interesting Facts about the Crested Caracara (Source:

* A common subject of folklore and legends throughout Central and South America, the Crested Caracara is sometimes referred to as the “Mexican eagle.”

* Although it looks like a long-legged hawk and associates with vultures, it is actually in the same family as falcons.

* A group of falcons has many collective nouns, including a “bazaar”, “eyrie”, “ringing up”, “stooping up”, and “tower” of falcons.

(And yes, this too I found in Luke Dempsey’s book, “A Supremely Bad Idea: Three Mad Birder’s and Their Quest To See It All.”

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