Common Mynas (a bird a day)

Will the real Common Myna please stand up!? Please stand up!? =)

I have to admit. I did not immediately notice that these three birds were the same kind of bird just different ages and/or sexes. Interesting. They fooled me, the amateur that I am. However, a wise person more observant than I showed me the similarities, thank you wise person.

This birdy is a city-dweller or at least it thrives around people and while it prefers warmer climates it can live pretty much in any. It is known as “an invasive pest” in Australia. After a little research I must agree. Apparently it is an extremely aggressive bully bird. It likes to pick on other more gentle local birdies threatening the native bird species. Not nice Myna! Um, it also threatens plants, like the blueberry crop in Australia and the fields in Hawaii, and even messes with the infrastructure of buildings in urban areas. Ok, I guess it is a bit of a pest and it seems they are not easily scared away. I was reluctant to report the pest-status of this bird to you but it seems it is rather pesky, albeit sooooo cute. =)

Anyone ever seen one, well of course but anyone care to share their own “common myna” story, anecdote or pictures?

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