Fernadina’s Flicker (a bird a day)

Fernadina's Flicker (Kingsnake.com)

Fernadina's Flicker (Kingsnake.com)

Fernadina’s Flicker is in the woodpecker family. It is a very pretty bird. It can only be found in Cuba. And unfortunately, it is endangered with only 600-800 left. This is due to the loss of habitat brought about the many hurricanes Cuba faces, logging and farming and because danger presented to them by other bird species, such as the West Indies Woodpecker which kill their little chickies. =( This is very sad indeed. I do hope they can work on this problem before they become extinct. I still miss the dodo bird I never met.

Incidentally, the largest population of this bird is found in the Zapata Swamp near Playa Larga in Cuba and I’ve been to this place but was not aware of this bird at the time. Pity! I didn’t get to see it or photograph it. However, it is not really a social bird anyways always fighting with other woodpeckers and not hanging out with many of its own kind, so it may be easy to miss. It is primarily an insectivore and like most insectivores it also enjoys seeds and berries from time to time.

Here you can find Cuban postage stamps with the Fernadina’s Flicker and also where these birds are found in Cuba.

For more information you can read this page as well.

And for the record, I found this bird on accident while researching another bird and thought it was worth researching.

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