Lyre Bird (bird a day)


October 23, 2008A Bird A DayNo comments

I picked the Lyre Bird for the bird of the day today because I saw this video…what an interesting bird!

He can imitate the calls/songs of at least 20 different birds and even the sounds around him (like in the video he imitates a chainsaw, a camera and a car alarm)! He is fascinating. This bird lives in Australia. They have huge tail feathers like a peacock but just fewer.

“Lyrebirds are ancient Australian animals: The Australian Museum has fossils of lyrebirds dating back to about 15 million years ago.” (Wikipedia)

Lyrebird (Wikimedia Commons)

Lyrebird (Wikimedia Commons)

These birds are very popular and this popularity shows in all the logos and money that brandishes its image. =)

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