Purple Gallinule (bird a day)


October 24, 2008A Bird A DayNo comments

When I received my Bird Watcher’s Digest in the mail yesterday and saw this bird, the purple gallinule, I knew I had to pick it for the bird of a day and learn more about it.

It is colorful and fun to look at. When you see its biggggggggggggggggggg feet is almost comical but you can see how it makes it easier for the bird to walk on the lily pads. In the water it looks like a duck but not so much outside the water! According to Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the males and the females look a lot alike except the males may be slightly larger. And they also gave this cool fact about the purple gallinule:

The Purple Gallinue is essentially a tropical marshbird that just makes its way into the United States. But some go even farther afield. The Purple Gallinule, despite appearing to be an awkward flier, regularly turns up in northern states and southern Canada. It has even been found numerous times in Europe and South Africa.

Fun stuff. Does anyone want to share a story about these birds?

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