Blue Footed Booby (bird a day)


October 25, 2008A Bird A DayNo comments

I have loved this bird for a long time now. I am surprised I did not pick him sooner for the bird of the day but here he is…the lovable blue footed booby. Why sooooooooooooooooooo blue little birdy?

I couldn’t find a specific reason these silly sea birdies have blue feet but I did find out some interesting facts about them and their little blue feeties. “Booby” stems from the Spanish word “bobo” which means dunce. Apparently, these birds are very clumsy on land and thusly earned their name “the blue-footed dunce”.

“The blue-footed booby lacks “brooding patches” of skin to keep the eggs warm, so instead it uses its feet to incubate them. (Despite their blue appearance, the feet have an excellent blood supply.)” (Source: So they use those adorable blue feet to help their eggs stay warm and happy. =) And they also use their scrumptious little feet in the mating dance…see for yourself:

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