Bewick’s Wren (bird a day)


November 15, 2008A Bird A DayNo comments

Bewick’s Wren

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Another birdy found in Washington State, the Bewick’s Wren, (Thryomanes bewickii). I read this species is the only one in the category Thryomanes and that there is a subspecies called the Seattle Wren. I think you can guess what tomorrow’s bird of the day will be… =)

It is a small bird who likes to live in urban areas, near houses and once found throughout the eastern part of the U.S., it is mostly located in the western part now. They speculate this is because of the tricky ways of the House Wren. I seen one of these eating something near the peanuts I fed the crows this morning.

It is about 5 inches and likes spiders and insects. Maybe that is what it was eating. =)

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