Great Blue Heron (bird a day)


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The Great Blue Heron…one of my favorite birds, albeit I have so many. This bird is so beautiful. I remember the first time I seen one. I was mesmerized by it and ever since, I’ve been on the lookout for it whenever I am near its habitat.

Also known as Ardea herodias in the scientific world, this bird is the largest heron in North America. It can be from 36 to 55 inches from head to tail and has a wingspan of 66 to 79 inches! Many inches of awesome. =)

It has a scratchy, throaty call. You can hear it here.

It eats small fish mostly but it will also eat shellfish, insects, rodents, amphibians (such as frogs), small birds *gasp* and reptiles. It likes to eat alone and is an excellent fisher.

I really love these birds.

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