Eastern Rosella (bird a day)


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Eastern Rosella

Originally uploaded by ianmichaelthomas

Today’s bird of the day is the Eastern Rosella, also known as Platycercus eximius. It is native to Australia and Tasmania but now is also found in New Zealand.

I read you can have this bird as a pet but it is not very “cuddly”. Hahahaha.

This bird photograph is from flickr user ianmichaelthomas. Here is what he had to say about this photograph (direct copy and paste):

Another wild and free Australian native parrot! Australia can rightly be called the land of parrots.

There are about 80 species in Australia.

Eastern Rosella

Another iconic Australian native parrot, the Eastern Rosella is spectacularly coloured, and similar in size to the Crimson rosella.
Eastern rosellas are the mascot/emblem of Aussie food company, Rosella – A beautiful eastern rosella was featured on tins of jam, soup etc – a joke I used to tell my friends is that the secret ingredient is the eastern rosella – they give zest to the jam! Purely a joke…
Eastern rosellas are quite common within their range on the eastern Australian seaboard, but I have found them a VERY difficult bird to get good photographs of!

They are usually extremely wary of people, very flighty and easily spooked by other birds in the area, let alone people.

This day was most unusual at Pound Bend, Warrandyte State Park – I found this Eastern Rosella happy to stay still and pose for my photos! And I took heaps! This was the first and only time in 2 solid years of trying to take photos of these birds in the wild that I found one who co-operated! Unfortunately, where it sat was in very deep bush, and my camera had great trouble getting proper focus. Manual focus stopped working months ago – so I am forced to rely on auto-focus – which is unreliable at best in such busy and complicated backgrounds such as this found in thick bushes.
Even so – it was a thrill, nearly beyond works to have this time.

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