Weekend Birdies…

Our birdy feeders have been seemingly sparse lately, or so we thought but then we realized we have attracted bully birds to our porch. The crows have always been a welcome bird. For the most part they do not harm or disturb the other little birds. We began feeding them and then branched out to other birds. Soon, we had many birds and the pigeon showed up. Again, they came but did not disturb the other birds. They ate and left. So, we did not fret about them. But now a host of House Sparrows and a chattering of European Starlings have showed up and well, these birds are menacing. They swoop in and frighten off the small birds. They even chased off our frequenter female Downy Woodpecker today. =/ We are going to take the bird feeders down till these birds leave. Then try again.

Here are some of the birds we saw this week–both good and bad:

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