Dead birds are concerning…

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The news is littered with stories of tens of thousands of birds found dead all over the world. And there are as many theories surrounding the mystery of these dead birds. We simply do not have answers yet but one thing is for certain, whether these bird deaths are all related or completely coincidental and nothing out of the ordinary, humans affect birds and maybe this collection of bird deaths will wake up the majority of the population to the realization that we affect this earth and all its inhabitants. And it is not always for the good.

We must stop and pay attention to how we use water, natural resources, fuel, etc. We must learn to share the world with the birds, the animals, the insects before it is too late. We are all part of a greater ecological balance.

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  1. Mystical Number

    Yes, I agree that this has been, and continues to be very disturbing. Moreover, I am concerned at the “experts” brash and frankly defunct exclamations that these are normal bird deaths. This is a sad mishmash of truth and fiction to confuse people into slumber once more. The truth is that whilst hundreds, if not thousands of birds die each year during their migratory patterns it is not true that they just drop in concert out of the sky. I’ve heard of it raining frogs but not birds! (Well until now anyhow!) I sense that the truth of this situation will not become at all apparent as no doubt some poisoning of our environment is to blame which in turn would point to some multi national or another which naturally will be sickeningly protected. Perhaps it is worthwhile looking toward the oceans for answers. Since their are equally as many, if not many more oceanic losses too it would make sense that perhaps the common factor in each is our seas. During all of this I can’t help but think of the old miners and their dear canary…

  2. admin

    Hahaha… yes. Well, it is time to ask some questions.

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