The Seahawk


January 16, 2011bird BirdsNo comments

While it should have occurred to me sooner, a very interesting bird is the Seahawk more commonly known as the Osprey. Being from the beautiful state of Washington, I am a proud Seahawk fan but an ignorant one. I didn’t know until recently that a Seahawk was an osprey. Ospreys are very large birds of prey. They often have wingspans of 4 to 6 feet wide!!! That is a big bird. Apparently the Seattle Seahawks were given their name by a public vote, the name was suggested by a high school in Gig Harbor.

This isn’t your average bird and apparently they don’t live in your average nest. The nest of an Osprey can weigh up to 250 pounds! What a nest! The osprey return to the same nest year after year.

These large predatory birds fish with ease equipped with hooked sharp claws and barbed padded soles of their feet. The fish can swim but they can’t hide…

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