Our move is done…now what?


January 27, 2011bird2 Comments

We have officially moved. We are no longer parked at birdy on my window dot com… welcome to our new home Nerdbirder.com! With this move I have decided to make some changes to make the site more exciting and interesting. One change is the theme (i.e. style and logo). My wonderful friend Christopher drew the new logo for me. Thank you Christopher!

Now to making this site worth reading and doing. Suggestions are welcome. It will be exciting to see the organic process of change for nerdbirder.com. I hope all of you will be part of the process by writing, commenting, giving suggestions, telling me what you like and do not like. =)

Together, we can make this a positive change!

2 Responses to “Our move is done…now what?”
  1. Christopher Robin

    Thank you for the links friend! Two of them! It is a pleasure to help out with such a worthwhile site! Here’s to the birds! 🙂

  2. Meg

    No thank you needed. =)

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