The Common Loon


March 21, 2012bird BirdsNo comments

Photograph by Roy Toft

What a wonderful bird with the most delightful of calls… The Common Loon, or the Gavia immer, is an interesting bird. One might confuse them with a pretty duck. Until, they see them walk, an awkward, injured-looking gait or hear their wolf-like howl call, only prettier. These birds have red eyes, imagine for a moment…its late at night… you are hanging about some foggy lake or marsh and there are a pair of red eyes and a mesmerizing howl, you might be a bit scared. Don’t lie… you might. =) But don’t worry, it just the Common Loon and they are not likely to walk over to you anytime fast.

As the poster of this video noted,

“Observers frequently think these birds are injured when they see them trying to get back into the water, but legs of Common Loons are set so far back on their body that it makes them very awkward on land. On water, they are excellent swimmers and divers.”

And you can hear the wondrous call of the Common Loon in the following video from the Lab of Ornithology,

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