Silly Owls

Hahaha! I watched this silly video yesterday. This little owl is a character. The cool thing is this video was captured by a cam that is live in my state (Washington State)!
You can see more of the actual videos (without the silly music) here.


They have an entire website, JournOwl.  Clever name! According to the person who runs the website,

The JournOwl began as an online record to log my daily activities as an intern at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum; a requirement bestowed upon me by the university environmental science program. The Lindsay Wildlife Museum incorporates a wildlife hospital that treats more than 6,000 native California animals every year, and provided invaluable experience in regards to nurturing and rehabilitating a variety of species including raptors, foxes, coyotes, mountain lions, reptiles, and amphibians… And it has just evolved…into so much more!

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