Happy Bird Day!

An owl-fit I put together all by myself...I made the dress and sign by scratch and bought the hat and socks!

Many a bird day, but today, May 4th, is the original and first national holiday to celebrate birds. May 4th is Bird Day! According to the U.S. Library of Congress, Bird Day began on May 4th, 1894. The superintendent of schools in Oil City, Pennsylvania, Charles Babcock came up with the idea to “encourage conservation training and awareness of birds for all.”

This should NOT be confused with National Bird Day celebrated on January 5th every year.  Nor is it the International Migratory Bird Day which is celebrated on the second Saturday of May every year…which happens to be May 12th this year.

So. Today, take the initiative to learn about a new bird, read about it online, find one in your neighborhood, go bird watching. Look out your window and notice the many birds that come your way. Put out a feeder, leave some bird seed out. Go to the park, watch for new birds. Celebrate the loveliness that birds bring to our world every single day.

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