Bye Bye Birdies (SpringWatch 2012 ended today)

Well, much to my chagrin, BBC Two’s SpringWatch 2012 ended today about 13 minutes ago and I feel incredibly sad. I will miss watching the owls and the sandpipers, the blue tits and the tree creepers, the mammal stump and the cygnets. This was really a lovely program and the live cams had me glued for weeks now. I watched eggs hatch, tiny little baby birds emerge. I witnessed busy parent birds feeding their birds and keeping them nice and warm. I watched the owlets grow from fluffy white puffs of downy love to little owls. They danced and moved their heads about in the most adorable, funny ways. I waited anxiously with countless others to see the first feed of the night, every night! I saw the ten little blue tits growing into blue fluffy fatlings, then watched as one died, then woke up to five more gone (in only four HOURS!!!). Yes! I watched that much! I saw the remaining four huddle together for warmth and bravely fledge into the world to start their own little birdy lives. I really grew attached to many of these little birds. I saw weasels prey on little hatchlings as happens in nature. And cat attacks. A goldcrest chick fell and we never did find out what happened to it.

The LAST screenshot of SpringWatch 2012. The feeders (top left), the mammal stump (top right), the pied flycatchers (bottom left) and the lovely barn owlets (bottom right).

SpringWatch was the best “reality tv” I’ve ever watched. I can’t wait for AutumnWatch and SpringWatch 2013! I hope to see my little owlets again next year! And if you hurry, you can watch the 1 hour shows for a week or so longer. They are all saved on the site. You can watch them here.

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