So much birdy fun…

I found a site full of links for bird related fun. They explain what Bird Day (May 4) is and how it came about and give lots of activities for kids (and adults) to do. Bird coloring pages, bird poems, bird reading, bird short stories and bird puzzles. Super fun, right? =) Here is a poem from there:
A Broken Wing

author unknown

In front of my pew sits a maiden –
A little brown wing in her hat,
With its touches of tropical azure,
And the sheen of the sun upon that.

Through the colored pane shines a glory,
By which the vast shadows are stirred,
But I pine for the spirit and splendor,
That painted the wing of that bird.

The organ rolls down its great anthem,
With the soul of a song it is blent;
But for me, I am sick for the singing,
Of one little song that is spent.

The voice of the preacher is gentle;
“No sparrow shall fall to the ground;”
But the poor broken wing on the bonnet,
Is mocking the merciful sound.

You can read this and so much more here.

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