Owl Overdose You With Music


October 15, 2012birdNo comments

Image by Elio Chan on DeviantArt

Here are some songs about owls. =) All worth a listen. This first one has an interesting video as well…

The Crow, The Owl and the Dove by Nightwish

This one is really great but I could NOT find it anywhere to buy. I just found this great guy singing it on youtube. It is a cover but it is nice. =)

The Owl and I by Hank Snow (sung here by Keith Kimmey Sr.)

The Story of The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles by Jethro Tull

A Passion Play by Jethro Tull (This one is long!)

Samain Night by Loreena McKennitt


And more songs with owls or about owls…

Owl - Johnny Bregar Owl by Johnny Bregar

Night Owl - Gerry Rafferty Night Owl by Gerry Rafferty

Night Owls - Little River Band Night Owls by Little River Band

The Owl and the Pussycat -- Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez The Owl and the Pussycat by Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez

Night Owl - James Taylor Night Owl by James Taylor

Days of the White Owl -- The Nerve Agents Days of the White Owl by The Nerve Agents

Stuart -- The Dead Milkmen Stuart by The Dead Milkmen

Let the Night Fall -- The Band Let the Night Fall by The Band

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road -- Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John

Return To Pooh Corner -- Kenny Loggins Return To Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins

Night Owls - Little River Band Nice To Be Here by The Moody Blues

Low Desert -- R.E.M. Low Desert by R.E.M.

Honky Tonk Moon - Randy Travis Honky Tonk Moon by Randy Travis

After the Blackbird Sings - The Wallflowers After the Blackbird Sings by The Wallflowers

Beautiful Pea Green Boat -- Laurie Anderson Beautiful Pea Green Soup by Laurie Anderson

Wildfire -- Tracy Byrd Wild Fire by Tracy Byrd

Up On The Ridge -- Dierks Bentley Up On The Ridge by Dierks Bentley

If you know of any more songs with owls, let me know!

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